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Thank you for visiting the Fresno Community Scorecard, an online community resource offering a centralized location to learn about Fresno County. Over 150 data indicators are highlighted, all supported by trusted, reliable sources and continually updated.

From "people" to "sustainable infrastructure," we hope you find the information relevant and useful in your daily work and decision-making.


The Fresno Community Scorecard is presented by the Fresno Business Council and ValleyPBS, a partnership formed to raise awareness about important leading indicators for building a healthy, prosperous and sustainable community. The indicators were chosen and aggregated by a group of cross-sector community stakeholders.

With greater knowledge and understanding,

the Fresno Community Scorecard can:

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  • Measure progress
  • Inspire community action

Our work is as much a process as a product. Many of these indicators are produced annually, so future trend analysis will take

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Fresno is the heart and soul of the State of California. Our people are culturally diverse, hard-working and community-minded. We are the caretakers of some of the most beautiful and fertile land in the world. We are now the 5th largest city in the Golden State. Fresno is proud to offer big city amenities with small town ease.



Housing Density: According to the U.S. Census Bureau, regions not far from Fresno County are some of the most densely populated urbanized places in America. All within the state, the Los Angeles area ranked first, the Bay area second, San Jose area third, and the Delano area is the fourth most densely populated area. The New York City area rounds out fifth place. Tracking this indicator is important because even a little mobility among people in these nearby areas can effect net migration to the county and therefore, its housing footprint. As the population of an area is always changing, both government and businesses can benefit from understanding not only the population density, but the housing density that coincides with the ability of an area to be prepared for population changes. more information